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embassy bank headquarters

Every so often in today’s hectic development world, a perfect marriage falls perfectly into place. In this case, the architects, Bonsall Shafferman had prepared an entire set of construction documents for a 26,500 square foot three-story, class A office building, only to find them tucked away in their file drawers, awaiting a major tenant to appear, so construction could begin. After nearly nine months, the architect’s former client approached the firm to design an up-scale local start-up bank which would serve their clientele through the use of sit-down teller stations. They had been looking for a similar location, but had found none. They were introduced to the developer and within a short period of time, a lease was prepared and the building was underway. In order to keep a tight control on construction costs, the team of architect/developer/construction manager was immediately formed. The original design was modified by eliminating approximately one-fourth of the first floor to provide a drive-thru, leaving approximately 5400 square fee for banking functions. This site was the last available corner lot on a prominent artery, along which are located numerous financial institutions.


Embassy Bank



Bethlehem, PA 



26,500 SF 


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