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technicolor salon & spa

Fresh on the heels of an already successful Salon and Day Spa in west Allentown, PA, Frank Shipman had a vision of a second facility in progressive downtown Bethlehem, PA. Planned with additional amenities flanking the grand retreat were to be a juice and health bar, a flower shop, a travel agency, an art gallery and exercise studio. This would prove to be quite an undertaking, even just finding a large enough space in the already popular retail area of historic Bethlehem.

Wall treatments consisted of many faux finishes provided by the owner which tend to give an sophisticated richness. Of utmost importance to the total effect and therefore, the success of the facility, was the highly varied lighting requirements; high level in the salon, but with no shadows: more subdued in the manicure and pedicure areas; and dimmable lighting in the spa treatment areas, with an instantly brighter level for cleaning.





Bethlehem, PA 



12,000 SF 


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